Kansarmen S L Foundation

Kansarmen S L Foundation (the English meaning of Dutch word “Kansarmen” is under-privileged) has operated in Sri Lanka since 2005, as a water and sanitation solution provider for the rural schools and disadvantaged communities. The Foundation was borne as a baby of a Dutch organization.

The parent organization – Stichting Kansarmen Sri Lanka was founded in The Netherlands by a Dutch volunteer in 2004 after Tsunami, with the aim of helping increase access to safe drinking water and sanitation for school children in rural Sri Lanka.

After successful completion of over 50 water and sanitation facilities for the schools, communities and disable homes with the help of a highly committed local team with direct funding from The Netherlands, a presence of local organization became an essential requirement.


Then, Kansarmen S L Foundation (KSLF) was registered in Sri Lanka as a Company limited by Guarantee (Not for profit) in 2010 at Registrar of Companies under the Company’s Act, No.7 of 2007 (Company registration Number: GA 2497)

Kansarmen S L Foundation was registered a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) in 2015, at the Secretariat for Non Governmental Organizations in the Ministry of Policy Planning, Economic Affairs, Youth and Cultural Affairs, Colombo (Registration No: L-153305)

Committee of Recommendation

Nayanasiri Thilakarathne is a former government officer, now retired after 35 years tenure. He served as the Provincial Education Director in North Western Province of Sri Lanka. He earned his Bachelor of Art degree from the University of Sri Jayawardenapura, and later completed Master of Art degree from the University of Kelaniya. He also earned the Postgraduate Diploma in Education from the University of Colombo. He is also famous as an education researcher, an author and a public speaker.

During his service as a Director of Education in the North Western Province of Sri Lanka, he Mainly focused to Improve the quality of education by Improving the quality of human resources, uplifting the infrastructure facilities and water and sanitary facilities of the school system. He provided his generous cooperation to Disadvantaged SL Foundation to complete water and sanitation projects in many schools in the province.

After his retirement, Thilakarathne works as a consultant in education and attitude in social development and engages various works with volunteer programs. He also serves the country as Justice of Peace (All Island).


Vision of the Foundation is a Sri Lanka where everybody has sustained water supply, with enhanced sanitation and hygiene in the face of climate change.


Mission is to transform lives by improving access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation for the communities in Sri Lanka.

Board of Directors

Rev. Fr. Manjula Niroshan


Rev. Sr. Mary Beatrice Fernando


K.P. Gnanapala


Niluka Pelendagama


Jan Van Der Steen


Management and staff

Managing Director

Chaminda Fernandopulle

Admin and Finance Officer

Priyantha Fernando Pulle

Annual Reports

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We respond to the demands and needs of individuals and communities where water and sanitation coverage is poor.

Target Population

We serve the most vulnerable groups in Sri Lanka including, specifically, the poor, marginalized, disadvantaged and those with disabilities.


We always works in open collaboration with its partners to contribute to the broader goals of improved health, water and sanitation and promote good governance, equity and sustainability

requests Base

We welcome requests from public authorities (especially schools), communities and NGOs for water and sanitation services. However, we visit each and every project prior to take the decision whether move forward or discard. We choose the projects that meet our selection criteria for raising funds. We execute only the projects that are successful with funding

planning to delivery

We identify those affected by our work and engage them throughout the process from planning to delivery

return on resources

Since the projects require substantial investment in terms of money and resources, both of which are limited, we assess the return on resources and capital invested. Outcome of our effort will be assessed both in quantitative and qualitative terms


We assess the financial and human resources, required for individual projects. We use strategies that operational delivery is effective and efficient