349. School Moragahahena Maha Vidyalaya (WP)

2019 Mar

A school with 1520 children coming from poor families, grade 1-13 students and 64 teachers use the new facilities.
The school is situated in a village away from the town. There is no water at all in the dry season, No drinking water and no toilet cleaning ook Because of no water.
Most parents do daily laboring for Their family income.
Realized, improved water and sanitation facilities:
Construct a new well, electric water pump, well cover with steel sheet, pumphouse, iron water tower with 2000L water tank, new pipeline system inside the school premises and to the sanitary buildings, two concrete sinks for drinking water (1 unit has 3 taps).
Parents and children help: transport materials from the gate to construction sites, digging for the pipe piles and the sink pits.

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